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Dead Horse on the Tulameen

Settler Verse from BC’s Similkameen Valley
A drill makes the music that rings in his ears
But a candle’s the charmer to drive away fears,
Down deep underground where grim shadows are thick–
Here’s to you always, my old candlestick!

So said an underground miner in the Similkameen valley back in 1900. This book brings the abandoned mines and ghost …..

Come to Me in Canada

This album contains a selection of Canadian songs, many of which speak directly of life in this country. The songs can be divided into three rough categories: traditional songs, composed songs that have entered the oral tradition, and composed songs whose makers are known.
The oldest traditional songs in Canada are those that were sung in …..

Now it's Called Princeton

ABOUT THE CREATORS OF THIS CD ~ Jon and Rika are two huge and generous souls whose commitment to the traditional music of British Columbia is inspiring and important. They are among the very few keepers of a tradition that struggles to stay alive against a tide of canned and produced narrative.
I first …..

Soviet Princeton

The cops’ll have a hell of a time
The cops’ll have a hell of a time
Trying to break the picket line
      Princeton picket line song,
      December 1932.
The winter of 1932–33 saw Princeton divided. Charges of outside agitators and charges by mounted provincial police into picket lines of workers, Ku Klux Klan threats and a beating and …..

The Green Fields of Canada

Canada’s Songs from Coast to Coast ~
A representative album of Canadian folk songs was not possible until 1979 when the last of the major collections of traditional folk songs was published. Phil Thomas’ Songs of the Pacific Northwest (Hancock House, North Vancouver), from which five songs in this album have been drawn, accurately …..

The Songs and Stories of Canada

A CD-ROM for use in Canadian Social Studies classes.
Canadian Social History
Canada’s traditional songs tell stories.
Like folklore everywhere, the songs flourish in adversity, whether natural or cultural. For every grasshopper plague, drought, blizzard or flood, for every broken limb, war, depression or strike, there’s a song. Songs were a way of dealing with the hard times, …..

The Young Man from Canada

Phil Thomas ~ This CD features the collecting work of Phil Thomas, a folklorist deeply attached to the historical and cultural roots of his native province. The PJ Thomas Collection, now housed in the Provincial Sound Archives, comprises the material he himself collected between 1954 and 1975. Some of the material saw print in …..